White Magic by Mari Silva

White Magic by Mari Silva
 White Magic by Mari SilvaWhite Magic by Mari Silva 

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The Ultimate Guide to Protection Spells, Blessings, Candle Magick, Wiccan Rituals, and Spellcrafting for Good Purposes

(Magic Spells)


The white witch has the power to change the world, but this transformation has to come from within! Have you ever felt like you could use some positive change in your life? Have you thought about what kind of energy can bring that about? Have you ever felt the need to protect those around you and help them prosper? Or wanted a better life for yourself? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Through the wealth of spells and rituals in this book, you will: Learn how to deal with bad intentions and remove negativity in your life Master incorporating candles into your spells to forge powerful connections with nature Master performing magical rituals to spread your light to those who need it the most Discover how to build an apothecary full of herbs and oils for all your magical needs Learn how to heal your own emotional scars and become a more balanced individual Master using spiritual guides to empower your ability for spellcasting for good purposes Understand how celebrating Wiccan white magic can help you out in modern times Practicing white magic brings with it an opportunity for inner growth and the spreading of your natural light through healing and protection. It’s a craft that teaches you compassion, love, understanding, and many beneficial ways to defend yourself and others. So, click the “add to cart” button and give your life new meaning through a steady path of righteousness.

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