Magic and Moon Spells By Mari Silva

Magic and Moon Spells By Mari Silva
 Magic and Moon Spells By Mari SilvaMagic and Moon Spells By Mari Silva 

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The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking the Power of Natural Forces,

the 8 Lunar Phases, Wicca, and Witchcraft


Two manuscripts in one book: Magic: Unlock the Power of Natural Forces and Learn Techniques Such as Purification, Divination, Invocation, Astral Travel, Yoga and More Moon Spells: Unlocking the Hidden Power of the 8 Lunar Phases, Wiccan Magic, and Witchcraft Do you ever wonder how to connect with worlds beyond what you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch? Have you been practicing magic but are looking for ways to deepen your practice? Or perhaps you've thought about taking up the practice, but you're overwhelmed by the information out there? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Part one of this book will give you the building blocks you need to begin your magic practice.

You will:

Learn what your True Will is… And what it isn't. Unlock the wonderful powers of your mind through potent meditation techniques. Discover the magic that lies within your physical body and how you can use it to thrive. Learn how to 10X your magical practices by setting up your own sacred space— no matter where you are! Get a comprehensive list of magical tools you'll need for your rituals. Discover all you need to know about getting prepared to enter a magical state of mind for maximum results. Learn 5 meditation techniques to help you unlock the forces of nature. Discover techniques to perform astral projection and astral travel. Discover the easiest, fastest, and yet most effective purification method. Become aware of the pitfalls that make your rituals backfire or render them ineffective. Discover the wonderful practice of divination to gain insight into any issue you want! Uncover the secrets to invocation and how to make it work for you. And so much more!

In part two of this book, we will uncover the secrets of Moon Spells and how you can use them to change your life for the better. We will show you how to practice rituals and cast spells to attract good fortune, plus protecting yourself and your loved ones from the negative energies in the world.

You will discover:

The Moon deities and their significance and symbolism across ancient civilizations. The lunar phases and the significance of each phase. The best spells to cast during each one of the eight lunar phases. The tools you will need to cast spells and perform magical rituals. Love spells to help you find the perfect partner. Spells to increase fertility and to facilitate safe childbirth. Money and wealth spells to help you get a new job or a great promotion at work. Protection spells to eliminate negative energy in your life. How to create your own moon ritual. How to honor the moon deities and the ceremonies passed down across generations.

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