Magick By Mari Silva

Magick By Mari Silva
 Magick By Mari SilvaMagick By Mari Silva 

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Secrets of Enochian, Chaos and Sigil Magick and Using Protection Spells,

Tarot Reading, Wicca, Moon Magic, and Natural Elements to Enhance Your Life


Discover the mystical world of magick and live a life of intention and purpose!

Are you interested in bringing some magick into your life?

Have you always been interested in magical practices?

Are you ready to learn and practice spells?

This book will give you everything you need to embark on your magical journey. Perfect for beginners, it’s crafted as an easy-to-understand read, packed with step-by-step instructions for spells and other esoteric practices.
If you’ve always been intrigued by the world of Wicca, tarot, sigil magick, Enochian magick, this is the perfect read for you. We go back into history, separate fact from fiction, and give you everything you need to know about the world of magick.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn what magick is and whether or not Wicca is the same as witchcraft
  • Learn protection spells and how to use them properly
  • Discover the secret power of sigils and how to craft your own
  • Understand Enochian magic and how you can use it to your benefit
  • Learn to read tarots and differentiate between major and minor arcanas
  • Master harnessing the magic of the moon
  • Discover how the elements can work as powerful tools for magick

Get ready to delve deep into the realms of magick.

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