The Morrigan by Mari Silva

The Morrigan by Mari Silva

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Secret Celtic Practices, Devotional Rituals, Divination, and Magick Spells

Discover how a war goddess can empower you and provide inspiration for daily life!

Do you want to find your inner strength and overcome obstacles?
Do you need protection for an upcoming spiritual battle?
Do you want to know the potential outcome of this future battle?
By introducing you to the Celts’ fierce war goddess, the Morrigan, this book will show you how to do just this and many more tips and tricks useful for living life with strength and power.

After reading this book, you’ll:

  • Understand the many guises of the Morrigan in ancient Celtic myths
  • Familiarize yourself with all the animals and symbols representing this mighty goddess
  • Understand the importance of finding a balance between the dark and light sides that coexist within you
  • See how the Morrigan’s powers as the fertility goddess can help you bring prosperity into your life
  • Learn how to build an altar honoring the Morrigan
  • Enrich your practice by using Badb’s ability in divination and prophecy
  • Uncover ways to safeguard yourself through spells for protection and sovereignty dedicated to the Morrigan
  • Become battle-ready through the rituals addressed toward Nemain

If appeased, the Morrigan will always take your side, empowering you to triumph over any hurdle life hurls your way.

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