Reiki By Mari Silva

Reiki By Mari Silva
 Reiki By Mari SilvaReiki By Mari Silva 

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Unlock the Secrets of Palm Healing, Aura Cleansing, Chakras, Psychic Development, Symbol Activations,

and More (Eastern Spirituality Teachings)



Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Reiki for Beginners: Unlock the Power of Palm Healing and Learn about Aura Cleansing, Chakra Healing, Meditation, and Developing Psychic Abilities
  • Advanced Reiki Healing: Enhance Your Skills in Reiki Healing, Symbol Activations, Distance Healing, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing, and More

In part one of this book, you will:

  • Discover what Reiki is and learn more about its history
  • Learn how to channel energy through your palms
  • Master various meditation techniques for deep relaxation and healing
  • Discover the human body’s energy anatomy
  • Learn how to scan and cleanse your aura
  • Discover techniques to help you sense energy
  • Learn more about the seven major chakras and their significance
  • Discover how to unblock chakras with Reiki
  • Master Reiki attunements
  • Learn how to heal yourself and others with Reiki
  • Master Reiki habits that will help you improve your overall well-being

In part two of this book, you will:

  • Learn to master the channeling of energy for healing yourself and others.
  • Discover the mystical symbols that will supercharge your Reiki practice.
  • Learn every chant you need to know and why each matters.
  • Understand just how extraordinary crystals are and how they can take your Reiki practice to the next level.
  • Discover how to tap into the energy body of your clients more efficiently.
  • Determine ways you can alleviate symptoms of blocked energy in your mind and body.
  • Learn how to harness the power of Reiki for healing, even from long distances.
  • Have a richer life by identifying ways to channel Reiki energy into the future.
  • Discover how to set up your Reiki practice quickly and easily.
  • Discover how to choose the right Reiki master to help you along your journey.
  • And so much more!

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